Contrary to popular beliefs, plumbers don’t just fix sinks, drains, and toilets. They can also install and repair water heaters, sewers, and gas pipes. If you live near Texas, Relentless Home Services provides plumbing services in Texas. If you experience a plumbing emergency, don’t hesitate to call us!

What signs should I look for in common plumbing problems?

The thing about plumbing is that it’s easy to overlook it until it erupts into a huge emergency with little warning signs. You can’t avoid all plumbing issues, and they don’t always have warning signs. However, common signs like low water pressure or slow draining can point to a larger problem.

So, a common plumbing problem is leaking pipes. If they’re accessible, you can see the pipes leaking. However, if the pipes are inaccessible, check your monthly water bill to see if there are unusual spikes in consumption. Call a professional plumber if you know there’s a leak but can’t locate it.

When you’re cleaning out the basement or looking under a kitchen sink, it is essential not to ignore rusty, discolored pipes. This could be the result of a gradual leaking issue, which can manifest suddenly without warning. Do you notice a slower than usual drain? It could be a simple clogged drain problem or could be due to a bigger clogging issue as a result of things like root ingress.

Signs that your water heater may be failing

A malfunctioning water heater is not ideal, especially during cold winter seasons. There are some signs you can watch out for before it fails completely, so you have enough time to call a plumber and fix it. Do you notice an unusual noise coming from the water heater that gets worse with time? It could be due to building up of sediment, and you’ll also notice a spike in your electricity bill.

Is there rust in and around the water heater? It could also mean that the heater’s insides are also rusty, which will require replacing the whole system. Usually, if your water heater is really old (more than ten years), we highly recommend you replace it.

A bad water heater will only mean more expensive water or electricity bills for you, and costlier repairs the longer you wait. Looking for plumbing services in Texas? Give us a call.

What preventative measures should I take to avoid plumbing issues?

Majority of plumbing issues are preventable and often due to neglect or misuse of fixtures. Sink or drain clogs are usually due to disposing of coarse, dense materials down the sink or toilets.

Avoid washing down things like coffee grounds, bits of plastic, grease, coconut oil (it solidifies later down the pipes), hair, and wipes. Run the sink with hot water or combine it with baking soda to clear temporary blockages. Install a gauze or screen for the drain to catch hard materials.

Need plumbing services in Texas? Whether you own a personal or a commercial property, Relentless Home Services has the expertise to deal with the most inconvenient plumbing problems.